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We at Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings are happy to announce that we will now be offering a free photography package to brides that book their wedding before November 1st! Thanks again, and remember “Love is all you need”

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Gulf Shores Beach Weddings

June is just a day away! We have a busy wedding schedule. More weddings take place in June than any other month of the year. We will be on the beach June 1st. Best Wishes! It’s going to be A Beautiful Beach Wedding in Gulf Shores…



Gulf Shores Wedding Planners

Gulf Shores Wedding Plannersgulf shores wedding planners

Gulf Shores Weddings Planners


Let one of our Gulf Shores Wedding Planners put together your dream sunset destination beach wedding! We have many different options when it comes to deciding what type of wedding experience you would like. Give us a call today and book your beach wedding.  Feel free to call and speak with one of our wedding planners which are available 24/7! Make sure to check out our “packages” to find your perfect wedding


Gulf Shores Beach Weddings





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This is my favorite picture taken from one of our weddings last weekend! Most underestimate the emerald blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! From the warm, golden sunset to the contrasting blue and green waters and sandy white beaches, this scene epitomizes the gorgeous back drop for your beach wedding photo shoot.

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings has a variety of different options when it comes to making your wedding the most spectacular day of your life 🙂 All of our beach wedding packages come with photography included. However, we have several upgraded options that will capture every moment of your day from start to finish. For instance, every beach bride has the option to hire a staff photographer to accompany her from the time she starts getting ready until the photo shoot after the wedding. Our professional photographers ensure that each moment of the wedding is exquisitely captured to preserve your memorable moments.

From big weddings to small, we promise to deliver the most beautiful and stress free Gulf Shores Orange Beach Wedding that any bride would consider a dream! Remember, “you bring the love”, we do the rest!


Gulf Shores Wedding Planners



Gulf Shores Wedding Planners


Orange Beach Wedding Planners

Here is our “Sands of Time” package. This photo shows a beautiful 11 piece bamboo arbor, wrapped with your choice of colored tulle. It is the perfect beach wedding set up for and Gulf Shores Orange Beach wedding. Call us today and let on of Gulf Shores Wedding Planners create the most memorable day of your life!

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings – Is a beach wedding for you?

slide5Each bride, from the time she is old enough to walk and talk, dreams of her wedding day! Most dream of an enormous church venue and a huge wedding party followed by a lavish reception. However, this type of “traditional wedding” in today’s market can amount to or exceed $20,000. This can be quite a expense, especially to young couples not able to afford as much. With other worries such as buying a house and beginning a life with their soon to be husbands, budget conscious brides are looking for any way to cut corners and save extra money when they can. Who can blame them?
Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings can be a savior for many budget savvy brides. Our destination beach wedding packages start at only $550 . You are also given the benefit to bundle your wedding and honeymoon into one, creating not only more money in your pocket, but also a terrific experience. In addition, our beautiful white sandy beaches rival any in the world. We know for certain that our emerald blue salty water will not disappoint either! Our Gulf Shores sunset weddings are some of the most beautiful and extravagant venues the wedding scene has to offer! We have wedding packages that offer everything from photography, 11 piece bamboo arbors, rose petal covered isles, to a simple, yet elegant coastal wedding.
Romance is exquisitely portrayed with being married by the sea; with the sunset glowing over the Gulf of Mexico and a slight breeze blowing through your hair. It is sure to be a day you and your family will never forget!
Remember, “you bring the love”, and we will handle the rest!

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings – Beach Wedding Dresses

beach wedding dressesAs we see Gulf Shores & Orange beach weddings ever increase in trend, the question we get asked about most is the Dress. With Gulf Coast beach weddings generally being more laid back and casual than a traditional church wedding, brides sometimes question their choice of dresses. We all know that it is all about the dress!

I think that on your wedding day it is very important to have the perfect dress. However, it should definitely fit the venue. We have seen over the years, many elegant yet beach appropriate dresses. I would like to say that when it comes to dresses for a sunset wedding that more is definitely less!  A simple yet fashionable bridal gown can be found, and for a very fair price! Over the years of preforming our weddings in Gulf Shores & Orange beach we have seen it all! However, I can remember one of my favorites that is pictured here on the right! This dress screams elegance but with a taste of true simplicity.

Whatever dress you choose on your special day,  just make sure that you are happy with your choice. I heard a story of one bride that tried on over 1,200 dresses before she found the right one. To us that was a little insane, but hey she was happy! That is what counts. The memories you make on this special day will last a lifetime 🙂

Be sure to follow our wedding ideas Pinterest Boards for many ideas on the perfect dress.


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  Magnificent sunset beach wedding

With the economy back in full swing on the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama, gulf coast beach weddings are becoming more popular with new brides day by day! With the beautiful sugar white sandy beaches Alabama has to offer, it is no wonder why!

When is comes to a practical, yet family friendly destination wedding along the Gulf Coast, there is no doubt Gulf Shores & Orange Beach is the place for any budget savvy bride. Statistics show that our condo, hotel, and beach house rentals are on a national average 17.98% lower than other destination wedding locations! Please do not let the discounted rates fool you! Our waters are a beautiful emerald blue, and we have some of the most sandy white beaches North America has to offer! The locals like to think of Orange Beach & Gulf Shores Alabama the best kept secrete in the world.

Gulf Coast Beach Weddings3 are really trending right now! The Gulf Coast is seeing more and more weddings every year! What is more beautiful than a sunset wedding on the eccentric Gulf of Mexico? Everyone loves the beach, and isn’t it the idea to get married at a venue that you absolutely adore?

A common misconception is that a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach destination wedding would be incredibly expensive. However, this is very untrue! Our beach wedding packages can be very affordable and fit any brides needs. We also offer sunset weddings packages that include Spa and Hair for the ladies or even golf for the groom and groomsmen! By checking out wedding photography you will notice that we can cater to a small intimate wedding, all the way up to the most lavish and fantastic beach wedding you could ever imagine!

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings is clearly the choice for your next destination wedding! Give us a call today at 251.233.7582



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Perfect Ties for your Gulf Shores Beach Wedding

Perfect Ties for your beach wedding. Goes well with aquas, emeralds and a hint of lilac. Elegant Mermaid


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